A North Yorkshire Timber Merchant has extended their operation to include a briquetting plant. A key site investment of approx. £500k showing their commitment to their policy of continuous improvement coupled with traditional values, innovation and investment in people.
Indusvent designed and commissioned the pneumatic loading system to transport hardwood and softwood sawdust, collecting from the recently installed energy saving factory Super-Blower dust extraction system serving all production machinery.  The pneumatic conveying system is a closed system with zero emission to atmosphere and enables free-fall gravity discharge directly into the new storage silo, which in turn feeds on demand the new briquetting plant. The briquette produced is a low carbon wood fuel alternative in comparison, with less than 12% moisture content, achieving a ≈5kw per hour burn rate, Compliant with Clean Air Act and Ready to Burn Certified
With the pneumatic transportation fan set located on the clean air side of the system it will never come into contact with the sawdust this eliminates any abrasion wear increasing longevity and allowing a more aerodynamic impellor to be employed, this further enhancing mechanical efficiency and significant savings in electrical energy. The system comprised a JA100 High efficiency cyclone, with a high capacity B500S rotary valve airlock for discharge into the silo, this ensures a stable environment inside the silo, a T300D transport fan set on the clean air side and as standard for every Indusvent installation our renown clipped assembly smooth bore ductwork with pressed 1.5D bends for high abrasion wear resistance.   
As standard for a system of this size we provide (free of charge) continuous remote monitoring with weekly spot checks to ensure there are no significant changes to amps, pressures, temperatures or torques that suggest the system is in need of attention, this proactive approach to condition monitoring ensures the hundreds of systems we monitor to operate trouble free 365 days a year if required. 
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Indusvent Inventor Dwg Pneumatic loading system