Thorough Examination and Test of LEV Systems in accordance with Reg 9 (2)(a) of COSHH 2002

The Health and Safety at Work Act places a duty on employers to protect employee’s health, safety and welfare. C.O.S.H.H. (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) is part of this Act and places a duty on employers and employees to ensure that the exposure to hazardous substances is: – ‘preferably prevented’ or otherwise ‘adequately controlled’. Indusvent can undertake a thorough examination and test of your LEV system and forward a comprehensive report comprising of:

  • General condition of the dust/fume extraction system
  • Air flow and pressure testing at all extract points
  • Air flow and pressure testing of all main fans
  • Filter media condition
  • Observations/Recommendations
  • Pass / Fail status of each control measure
  • A photograph of each machine/test point

DERA – Dust Exposure Risk Assessment

To complete your C.O.S.H.H assessment, it is good practice to undertake dust monitoring to ensure that W.E.L. (Workplace Exposure Levels) are not exceeded and that the LEV system is protecting your employees from harmful levels of dust exposure, this is done by:

  • Test equipment fitted to breathing zone of selected personnel
  • Time weighted average (TWA) recorded over a minimum of 4 hours
  • Analysis of samples by independent UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Comprehensive report depicting all comments and recommendations

Noise Survey

Occupational regulations and standards were established which sets legal limits on noise exposure in the workplace. We can conduct a site survey using specialist instruments to reveal which areas of your facility generate harmful noise levels and advise if employees who work in these areas are at risk. A full comprehensive report will be provided with suggestions of improvements that can be made to reduce noise pollution and excessive exposure to your workforce.

Service Plan

Our standard service inspection includes all necessary preventative maintenance tasks listed below. We recommend a service inspection is carried out every 5000 operational hours or at 12 monthly intervals.

  • New fan drive belts
  • Gearbox oil change
  • Grease all bearings
  • Visual inspection of filter media
  • Visual inspection all moving parts
  • Temperature check all motors and control panel
  • Measure Air velocity of all fans