A UK Leading pallet manufacturer have invested in their 2nd Super-Blower dust extraction system in 12 months.
For this application, a BF55-3.0 Super-Blower filter was selected to meet the demand of 24/7 production whilst maintaining a trouble-free energy efficient operational system.
Two main suction duct lines from the Super-Blower were installed.
One suction line for the woodworking machine and the second line used as a ‘high pressure’ vacuum system for end of shift clean up.
Using pneumatic slide dampers together with our electrical control system, changeover from ‘machine extraction’ to ‘Clean up mode’ is easily facilitated. Sawdust is pneumatically loaded into a vented road transportation container, with our unique automatic fill detection system.
Main Suction Lines:                              1
Vacuum clean up lines:                       1
Air Volume                                            18,000 m3/HR
Main Fan Motor:                                   30kW
Operation:                                             24/7
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