Indusvent were delighted to be selected to design, supply and install a new dust and chip extraction system to serve the wood production machinery at Fife Joinery Manufacturing Limited, Glenrothes.‚Äč

The general condition of their existing systems had deteriorated with age, compromising performance and safety. The old systems were 3 x traditional positive pressure modular chain filters.‚Äč

Indusvent were the first company to install this type of system in the UK at¬†Hygena Kitchens in 1972. ‚Äč

‚ÄčIn 1984 we installed our first¬†negative¬†pressure chain filter unit, although the construction of the filter unit was required to be more robust resulting in a higher installation cost, large production companies¬†soon realised the advantages of lower energy consumption with the fans on the clean side with the added benefits of lower noise emissions and reduced maintenance.‚Äč

‚ÄčPre 1991, It was traditional practice to operate a Cyclone system in Timber Machining/Sawmills. These were generally 95% efficient in dust collection resulting in fine dust particles being discharged into¬†the atmosphere.‚Äč

The Environmental Protection Act (1990) stated that any new chip and dust extraction installations required a filter system, forcing many sawmills to upgrade their old systems.‚Äč

We applied our extensive knowledge and skills and soon realised that although the Sawmills generally required lower air volumes/small installations, the volumes of wood chips and saw dust required to be¬†handled was much higher. This brought many new interesting ideas to the table.‚Äč

Modular chain filters were not ideal for these applications and there were many issues to address. (resin build up, road trailer bulk loading, filter bags blockages/cleaning, fire safety.)‚Äč

We went back to the drawing board and the¬†Super-Blower¬†filter system was born.‚Äč

4 x 75KW




180,000 M3/H